We’ll sell it to the youth and you never know, maybe-
You’ll get back home and you’ll see your baby, oh-

We’ll just act like we care.

All we’re needing is a reason-
It don’t need to be clear.
Singing songs to the news-
It can play to their fears.
Someone’s gotta’ die and you don’t have to love him-
But the military’s still got more in its budget, oh

We always need more next year.

When you don’t bring them home and the war hasn’t ended-
There’s still money there and that money needs spending.
The powers that be, we gotta’ do what we do.

And all the pretty girls out there living with heartache-
Crying cause they’re never gonna’ see their baby, oh-

We just act like we care.

No one cares about the waves-
At the bottom of the ocean.

Portugal, the man. - Waves
"In medias res (Latin “in the midst of things”[1]) is the literary and artistic narrative technique of relating a story from the midpoint, rather than the beginning (cf. ab ovo, ab initio). In an in medias res narrative, the story opens with dramatic action rather than exposition setting up the characters and situation."

Change everything about yourself you’ve grown to love-
Feign all the qualities that make you who you are-
Nobody wants to see you flaunting your flaws and imperfections.
It’s tacky, it’s blasphemous.

How am I supposed to make new friends?
I can’t even keep the ones I’m with.
My inept disposition keeps me immune, alone.
Make your problems edible-
Chew them up and swallow..
I hope that I can stomach this fleeting loneliness.

I’m unsure what makes a man, but I’m lacking something evident.
I luxuriate in deviance to compensate incompetence.
Life has been constructed of let downs and wretched love.
I’m skeptical of everyone-
I’ve held them in contempt except for one-
But one is not enough…
One is not enough…
One is not enough…
…One is not enough…

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We live in a world full of deception.


This is the best tweet I’ve ever seen in my life


This is the best tweet I’ve ever seen in my life